Guidelines for a quality trail experience





1 Trail Features Description of trail experiences and their associated trail features (e.g., a library of trail characteristics across a range of difficulty levels). 4.0, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4
2 Trail Difficulty Rating Trail difficulty rating 4.0
3 Recreation Management Area (RMA) Frameworks Examples of Recreation Management Area (RMA) frameworks that have been completed at the land use planning level where mountain bike trails were identified as one of the primary visitor activities. 5.1
4 Recreation Area Management Plans Examples of Recreation Area Management Plans that have been completedfor mountain bike trails and trail systems. 5.1
5 Land Manager Toolkit Processes and supporting documentation to assist land managers with using GQTE with their trail stakeholders.  
6 Trail Contracting Guidelines Implementing GQTE through the trail contracting process to ensure quality delivery of planned experiences.  

Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience